Inn at English Meadows (Kennebunk - Kennebunkport, Maine)

Maine Maple Sugaring Time

March 21st, 2015 by InsideOut Solutions

Maine Maple Sugaring TimeIn Maine, as in much of the northeastern US, spring means more than just melting snows, green leaves, and warmer weather – it also means Maine Maple Sugaring Time!

Maple sugaring time is when the sap begins to run in the maple trees. Maple trees that have been tapped begin to drip their amazing sap into the buckets hung from those taps. The sap is collected by the sugarmakers and taken to a sugarhouse where it is carefully cooked down into pure and delicious, Maine maple syrup.

Mid-February through mid-April is maple sugaring season and you’ll know when the time has come because you’ll see the telltale steam clouds billowing out over the sugarhouses and, even more tantalizing, the air around the sugarhouses will be filled with the unmistakably mouthwatering scent of boiling maple syrup.

We celebrate the season with Maine Maple Sunday, an annual event scheduled for the fourth Sunday of every March – March 22nd, in 2015. On Maine Maple Sunday, participating maple producers offer free maple syrup samples and demonstrations on how maple sap is collected and boiled down into pure, Maine maple syrup. Many also provide live music, games, activities, and more during the state-wide event.

Maine Maple Sunday is not the only day you can visit an active sugarhouse, however. Many offer tours and samples throughout the maple sugaring season. If you want to visit a real sugar house to watch the sugaring process – and maybe even sample some fresh maple candy or maple syrup – visit the Maine Maple Producers website and peruse their Maine Maple Sunday Map for a list of over 90 maple farms and their addresses.

Maine Maple Sugaring Time Lodging
Inn at English Meadows is proud to be a part of the Kennebunks in Maine and serves locally made, pure Maine maple syrup, produced from the maple trees at Kennebunk’s own Hidden Ponds. Whatever brings you to the Kennebunks, no matter what time of year, we hope you will consider a stay at Inn at English Meadows as part of your Kenebunkport getaway. The elegant amenities and matchless service you’ll receive in our recently renovated, Greek Revival home, conveniently located in Kennebunk’s Lower Village, will make you happy you did!