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Attend the Kennebunkport Festival 2015

March 14th, 2015 by InsideOut Solutions

Kennebunkport Festival 2015

New England’s official kick-off for summer, The Kennebunkport Festival, is scheduled for June 7th through the 13th, 2015 and is seven days of fine wine, food, and works of art on the coast of Maine.

Kennebunkport’s reputation for culture is famous far and wide – but it’s an accessible culture, one open to all, not just the select few. Some say it is partially because of this egalitarian attitude that Kennebunkport also knows how to throw a party, and the Kennebunkport Festival is just that: a big party of beautiful local art, drinks, live music, galas and grand tastings from top New England chefs at restaurants and homes throughout Kennebunk and Kennebunkport.

Organized and promoted by Maine Magazine and Maine Home and Design, The Kennebunkport Festival began 10 years ago as the Kennebunkport Fine Food and Wine Fest. It has since evolved to include music, art, and a reputation as the premiere New England summer celebration.

One of the bigger events during the Kennebunkport Festival is Pop the Kenenbunks: a themed and theatrical cocktail party held under a big tent by the Kennebunk River and featuring a live band, wine, a chef raw bar and hors d’oeuvres. While this year’s theme is still under wraps, previous years have seen parties modeled after Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Moulin Rouge.

The Kennebunkport Festival’s Art of Dining dinner parties are wildly popular. Featuring themed, chef prepared multi-course menus, they are accompanied by an award-winning artist and some of their work, giving you an opportunity to meet and learn more about them and their work. The best part is that a portion of the proceeds from tickets sold go towards Share Our Strength – a charitable organization committed to ending local childhood hunger!

With events priced from as low as $15 to as much as $250, you can tell some of the events are a little more la-di-da than others – but that doesn’t mean the less expensive ones aren’t worth your time – on the contrary! Some of the most popular events throughout Kennebunkport Festival week are the cocktail parties and after-parties held at local bars.

The Kennebunkport Festival 2015

Food/Wine/Art – June 7th through the 13th
For a full list of the celebrity chefs, artists, musicians, and events scheduled for the Kennebunkport Festival, head over to – and if you see an event you hope to attend, buy your tickets NOW before they sell out. Many have and many more will well before the date arrives.

Kennebunkport Festival Lodging
Like tickets for the events, lodging for June’s Kennebunkport Festival is going FAST. If you intend to attend, we recommend that you book your lodging, sooner, not later. Luckily, we know just the place … The Inn at English Meadows! We’re here for you with five rooms, five suites, and a private bungalow. Our mid-1800’s, Greek Revival home is located in Kennebunk’s Lower Village, with much of the action of the Kennebunkport Festival just minutes away on foot – book your room now!