Inn at English Meadows (Kennebunk - Kennebunkport, Maine)

Plein air painting at the Inn

August 14th, 2010 by Elizabeth Arruda

Last summer I got a call from a friend at River Tree Arts ( asking if it was possible for them to hold a Plein Air watercolor painting class at the English Meadows Inn.  One call lead to another and soon several of the Historic Inns of Kennebunkport had agreed to host Plein Air classes in their respective gardens.  The program expanded this year and we will host two Plein Air sessions this summer.  The classes are taught by Judith Kinsman, a very highly regarded artist and teacher in New England (

The classes run weekly all through July and August and usually have about a dozen artists attending.  The skill level varies considerably but the work is outstanding.  Its a real treat to see the Inn’s gardens captured in watercolor.  The amazing thing to me is that in Plein Air watercolors, you really don’t get a second chance.  You either capture what you’re trying to get at that moment or you don’t.  The watercolors dry almost instantly in the air and the sun and there is little margin for error.  I really admire the skill of the painters who get it right.  Judith has a warm coaching sort of style and her class is fun and relaxing in a supportive and inspiring environment.    The Arts have always been a big part of Kennebunkport’s style and cultural heritage.  We have many excellent galleries, two notable Art Schools and there are always exhibits and shows on display.   Ask us about what’s going on when you plan your trip to Kennebunkport.