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culinary destination

September 12, 2011 by englishmeadows

Did you know that today we hosted our first private cooking lesson for our guests Brian & Linda who came to Kennebunk to celebrate their 24th wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary Brian & Linda!

 A few weeks ago we were contacted by, a division of Bon Appetit to see if we would be interested in hosting cooking lessons with a private chef at our inn. had been receiving numerous inquiries from travelers who wanted to visit Kennebunk and take culinary classes. After much research Epitourean felt The Inn at English Meadows would best suit their clients needs. Of course with my passion for cooking I was delighted that The Inn at English Meadows was selected. Linda & Brian asked to take lesson on gluten free cooking as Linda is gluten intolerant. Chef Tim Jordan prepare a wonderful menu and taught Linda several new recipes as well as a few good cooking tips.

We were also contacted by a group of women who are interested in designing a bachelorette party inclusive of a cooking lesson – doesn’t that sound perfect for a bride to be.  The package designed by Epitourean and The Inn English Meadows would also make a wonderful gift for the upcoming holiday season or a great winter escape.

Make sure you check out the great culinary package we have put together with and book you cooking class soon! Here is the link to the package make sure to take a peak cooking classes.

Our First Summer in Kennebunkport

September 8, 2011 by englishmeadows

It’s hard to believe September has already arrived and we survived our first summer as innkeepers. The summer flew by faster than any summer I can remember. We would  get into the kitchen by6:30am get the coffee brewing,  do the final prep for breakfast and before I knew it the time was 10:30 and on many days we had served 23 guests breakfast – now it was onto baking for the afternoon snack. The addition of the new patio was perfect to serve breakfast al fresco after being inside all winter the guests really enjoyed be able to sit outside to enjoy their gourmet breakfast. The patio was also the perfect place to come back and enjoy a bottle of wine or a fresh baked cookie to unwind after a day at the beach or before going off to dinner. We all enjoyed the beautiful gardens on the property of the inn – they are quite special and something is always blooming.

All of our guests took the time to tell us how much they enjoyed all the upgrades and amenities we made to the inn. The comment we heard the most was that the inn was very “soothing.” After all the years Eric & I spent traveling the world we wanted our guests to enjoy the comforts that were important to us when we traveled – a good bed, great sheets, plush robes & towels, great food and good conversation.

I knew we were  off to a good start when all the breakfast dishes came  back to the kitchen without a crumb on them! I love finding new recipes for breakfast so I can continue to surprise the guests with a gourmet delight. Many husbands wanted to know why their wives didn’t serve breakfasts  like I did but if they did then staying at the inn wouldn’t be as special for them.  My breakfasts were such a big hit many guests told us they didn’t need to have lunch they were so full but I am sure after a walk into Dock Square they could find room to try a lobster roll at The Clam Shack or Mabel’s.

Guests were quite pleased with all there was to do in Kennebunkport – biking, kayaking, lobster tours on The Rugosa, sails on The Eleanor Schooner, The First Watch – whale watch just to name a few! We  managed to sneak away one afternoon for lunch down in Ogunquit and who came and sat 2 tables away from us… President Bush and family, it was our first real Presidential sighting this summer.

We weren’t sure how the fireworks on the 4th of July would compare to Macy’s fireworks in New York but they were quite special and watching them while out on a sail boat made the festivities very special. The best part of being new  innkeepers was all the new friends we met who took the time to write reviews, send birthday cards to Eric on his big “0” birthday, and contacted us to see if we were OK when the hurricane came .

The guests truly made our first summer a memory maker that we will never forget – a BIG thank you for staying at The Inn at English Meadows and all the memories we will cherish from our first summer in Kennebunkport.  We hope to see you again!





Ribbon Cutting

May 19, 2011 by englishmeadows

It’s official: The Inn at English Meadows is open for business! Yesterday we had the pleasure of welcoming the members of the Kennebunkport Chamber of Commerce to view our newly renovated inn. The evening was a great success, we were so happy to have so many new friends and neighbors come celebrate the opening of inn with us. I wish you could all see the amazing flowers & plants our new friends sent us to welcome us to the neighborhood of Kennebunk, they are so beautiful and we are so thankful to be here. It’s hard to believe it’s Spring with the northeast being rained on for the last few weeks, but we are all optimistic that all this rain will depart and leave us with a nice sunny summer! The reviews on TripAdvisor have been so heartwarming, and we are so lucky to have welcomed so many wonderful guests to The Inn at English Meadows.  We hope you will be able to visit us this summer.

Open for Business

May 6, 2011 by englishmeadows

It’s hard to believe it’s May already but it was a beautiful day in Kennebunk, it almost made you forget what a long winter it was but when we  busy renovating the inn time fly-ed! We have the town buzzing about what’s going on here, all we keep hearing is people talking about all the trucks that have been in the driveway. It’s exciting to now be able to invite our new local friends in and welcome our guests. We have guests visiting this weekend from Mass. who commented on what a great job we did transforming the inn. It’s hard to believe how much we were able to accomplish in a short period of time and we can’t wait to welcome everyone to see the new Inn at English Meadows! There are so many new things happening in the area Ryan’s Corner Pub opened a few  weeks ago, we also have Anniebells gifts & flower shop, Pedro’s is still buzzing and Old Vines now has a full bar – all are walkable from The Inn at English Meadows so why fight the congestion in the port when you can walk from our inn. Our web site has been updated with new pictures of the renovations but our new web site is still “under construction.”

We are currently working on putting together some get packages for you to enjoy on your next visit so please make sure to check back often.

Have to go get breakfast prepped for the morning – lemon ricotta pancakes with macerated strawberries doesn’t that sound good….

Tomorrow is the May Day Parade in Kennebunk -everyone loves a parade! and let’s not forget the Kentucky Derby, may the best horse win!

Maine Restaurant Week

March 9, 2011 by englishmeadows

If you were hungry Maine was the place to be this week.  We kicked off  Maine Restaurant Week by attending the Breakfast Cook Off at Sea Dog Brewery and what a great kickoff it was. The tastings were all amazing but the winner was The Good Table’s – Brulee French Toast, this was their 2nd win 2 years in a row!  Our next stop for dinner that night was  Portland,  Five Fifty-Five – delish! To work up our appetite we took part in Art Walk which takes place the first Friday of every month. Although it was a little cold the attendance was strong we can’t go back. Saturday  we back to Portland, our destination was Grace. Grace was formerly a Methodist Church so you have to go even if it’s just to see the transformation but highly recommend staying for dinner, what a great spot for cocktails! For our next tasting we decided to stay in Kennebunk and try Stripers – the lobster mac n cheese was exactly what I need for a cold winter’s night;can’t wait to go back and enjoy the view when the weather gets warm.  I had to try the lobster pot pie at Academe Brasserie which I had seen on The Food Network as one the best things I ever ate – well all I can say it wasn’t a disappointment!  A few more days to go but better find a gym quick! Hope you can join us next year – make sure to bring your appetite.

Moving In

February 26, 2011 by englishmeadows

What an exciting and exhausting week for us! We have finally made our move to The Inn at English Meadows. There are boxes everywhere we look but we are taking it one day at a time. After a very long day of moving in, our good friends Jan & Rick Wolf of the B&B Team stopped by to welcome us to Kennebunk by presenting us with a gift labeled I.S.K. — well, we had no idea what that could be but it was the perfect gift. The I.S.K. gift (seen in the attached picture) is an Innkeepers Survival Kit — are you wondering what that would include? Well is has all the essentials we need – vodka, olives, & toothpicks! It was a perfect gift for relaxing after a long day.

This weekend is Winter Festival in Kennebunk – it’s a beautiful sunny day, a bit cold but the sun feels really good after an all day snow storm yesterday. The snow was appreciated by all the snowshoers at the festival today! I am sure that after the day’s festivities everyone will stop by Pedro’s, which had its grand opening this week and so far it has been a sellout every night! I highly recommend the blood orange margaritas — this place will be quite a hot spot this summer!

Moving on up!

February 20, 2011 by englishmeadows

As moving day draws near we are getting more excited about becoming innkeepers, everywhere I look I see boxes! We are looking forward to getting settled in to our new life in Maine. It will be a big change for us but one we are ready for.

Since there are so many upgrades to the inn and to lower village Kennebunk we decided to give the name of the inn an update too so it will now be called The Inn at English Meadows and for your convenience the web address will remain the same

The adventure has only just begun so stayed tuned for more  updates. We will have so many to share now that we will be living full time in Kennebunk we look forward to sharing them all with you.

Kayaking on the Kennebunk River – Then and Now.

September 14, 2010 by englishmeadows

The Kennebunk River has been the lifeblood of this part of Maine for 200 years.  It was the basis of the economy, the creator of wealth, the provider of jobs, and has continued to be a major part of the local culture and economy.   Shipyards, transportation, grist mills and the fishing industry were all dependent upon and thrived on the river.  Today,  “the Port” and its 18th and 19th century warehouses (which are now fashionable shops and restaurants) is still the center of activity in the area.

On Sunday September 12, the Brick Store Museum sponsored a guided kayak excursion on the Kennebunk River.  Fourteen intrepid museum members/kayakers signed up for a trip called Kayaking Through History which was a tie-in with one of the Museum’s current exhibits called In the Maine Stream.  This wonderful exhibit includes the Museum’s 1899 Wabanaki Indian canoe (made on the banks of the Kennebunk River) and other collections reflecting art, history and nostalgia of the Indian traditions and canoeing on the River.   Coastal Maine Kayak was the official outfitter for the afternoon’s tour and guided the pack of kayakers up the river.   Tracy Baetz, the Director of the Brick Store Museum,  briefed the kayakers  on some of the sights we’d see on the trip.  Leaving from the marina alongside the bridge over the Kennebunk we headed up the river as the tide was coming in.  First stop was the site of the Clark Shipyard which built some of the last of the coastal schooners including the four masted Eagle Wing in 1891, the Savannah in 1901 and the Kennebunk in 1918.  Not far up the River from the Clark yard was a tidal grist mill which was still in operation up until WWII.   The historic Cape Arundel Golf Club came next and once was the location of a canoe dock for the famous canoe races of the 1890’s. The trip proceeded up the River past Picnic Rock, underneath Durrells Bridge, past the early shipyards at Kennebunk Landing, and finally stopped at an old, abandoned railroad bridge (which is still an impressive bit of architecture!). 

In some places the River is so quiet and serene that it doesn’t take much to imagine you are back in the 1890’s and you are on the River to watch a shipyard launch another schooner.  The River bends like a snake and because of the tidal changes it can behave very differently from day to day.  It is surprisingly deep in places and there are few narrow spots, like at Picnic Rock so picking the time to be on the river is important if you want to avoid a lot of work paddling against the tide.  The grassy banks attract lots of wildlife and we must have seen over 100 ducks.

On the way back, we all did a little River clean up and in addition to filling a large crate with plastic bottles, cans and bags, we also fished out a floating trash can which we managed to strap on to the back of my kayak and take back with us to the Port.

There are lots of great places to take a kayak out in Kennebunkport.   Paddling trips on the Kennebunk River, the Mousam River, or in the coves around Cape Porpoise and out to Goat Island Lighthouse are all great trips to make.   So bring your kayak with you (or contact  Coastal Maine Kayak) and add kayaking to your list of things to do while staying at the English Meadows Inn our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast.

Our Veggie garden and the Farmers Market

September 2, 2010 by englishmeadows

The Inn’s vegetable garden was a big success this year.  Unlike  last year when we had Noah’s Ark-like weather for all of June and most of July and the worst tomato blight that Maine has ever seen, this year has been just about perfect.  The early spring was warm and wet and we never got the last late frost that we usually get in early May.  This was the third season for our rhubarb plant and it is a monster.  Next year I think I will split it as it is just getting too big.  But it did its job and kept us well supplied with rhubarb for our strawberry rhubarb compote.   As expected our herbs did great and we use a lot of our sage and thyme in our breakfast stratas and quiches.

In late May I bought three heirloom tomato plants from a local farmer at the Kennebunk Farmer’s Market (more about that later).   I really like heirloom tomatoes.  I think the crazy colors and wildly irregular shapes make them taste better!  I know this is insane but there is nothing like a tomato that you grow and pick.    The Prudence Purple is a large, multi colored, slicing tomato with low acidity.  The  Costoluto is red, orange and green and is  smaller than Prudence Purple.  And for small tomatoes, I planted a Black Cherry which grew all over the place.  All did well and peaked last week but we’ll have tomatoes for at least another week or two.  The zucchini are coming in late but are beautiful.  We use a lot of zucchini and its the leading actor in our Zucchini Quiche.  For a description go to .  

The Kennebunk Farmers Market is the source for nearly all of our other produce in the summer and fall.  I make it a point to go every Saturday after breakfast.  The outdoor market (it goes on whether rain or shine) is located just off Main St. in Kennebunk and over 30 farmers and purveyors are usually there.  Local farms sell their produce (and a few of them are all organic),  artisan cheese makers always have samples, and the best lamb sausage anywhere comes from a lamb farm in Sanford.  This market has been very popular over the past few years as the community has become very “farm to table” conscious.   Check out their Facebook page


The Farmers Market runs from the first week in May until about November 1.  Its great fun and I’m sure that you will enjoy making a trip to the Market part of your stay at the English Meadows Inn.

Late Spring in the Inn’s gardens

June 17, 2010 by englishmeadows

Spring came early in Maine this year.  April was warm and May was alternately sunny then wet.  And June has followed the same pattern.  The result is that garden is confused !  The Lilacs were three weeks early and hit their prime in mid May instead of the first week in June.  

Some daylillies have already bloomed and the others are well on their way.  Hostas are in midseason form already and the lupines are just about done.  Daisies and bee balm are just around the corner and climbing roses are right behind them.     

But the slugs and snails are attacking like armies.  I’ve already gone through about a pound of Sluggo and it hasn’t made much difference.  Right now the snails and slugs are winning but the garden battle has just begun (LOL).   Game on!!!!